I'll protect you.

Thank you. I'll protect you.

Thank you. I'll protect you.

I'll protect you.

About Hello Mask/Mask Up!

Hello Mask/Mask Up! is a grassroots movement to control the impact of, and ultimately end the coronavirus pandemic, by changing the narrative about wearing a mask: It's how we protect each other and strengthen our communities in a time of crisis. Mask Up! flips the anxious and disconnected feelings we may have in this time with a welcoming, friendly, open and hopeful message: We can do this, one mask, and one town at a time, with the goal of 100% participation—that's how we control pandemics! We can do this, but we need you, and this site is all about how you can help. Please join us!

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Protect and strengthen your community with a free customized 
Mask Up! Sign 

Mask Up Boston
Mask Up West Philadelphia
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Mask Up

In these anxious times, we need to feel connected to each other more than ever, and Mask Up! signs do just that. Mask Up! signs can sit right next to official mask wearing signs in shop windows to send a clear message: We are kind here, we are caring here, and we will do everything we can to save lives. Here's what we think it looks like to connect communities and promote anxiety-free mask wearing. We're going strong with hundreds of signs distributed. We are ready for your town!

We will send you a sign with the name of your town, to share with your favorite businesses and organizations, schools and places of worship, by emailing them, or printing them out and distributing—with a mask of course! 

For your FREE Mask Up! (your town) sign, put in your details below and click the "I'm In!" button below. Look for the JPEGS in your inbox within a couple days.

Thank YOU for being part of Mask Up!

We can do this, TOGETHER! The time is NOW!

Mask Up. Save Lives. 100% Mask Wearing to End the Pandemic

Want us to mail you a FREE sticker for your laptop or water bottle? Just put in your details below and click "I'm in!" Check your snail mail box in about a week.

Thank YOU for being part of Mask Up! We can do this, TOGETHER! The time is NOW!

Step 3

NEW! Masking Up = Love!  Wearing=Caring. Accelerate masking up by sharing on social media! Find your state and share the love. 

Masking up equals love
Masking up equals love
Masking up equals love
Masking up equals love
Masking up equals love

Here's an image to share on Facebook and Instagram, for all the U.S. States and Territories. To show how much you care about everyone staying safe, just click on the box below to find the download button for your state, D.C., Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. A zip file will download to your desktop—open and post the jpeg. 

Want to help the MaskUp! message get out there even faster? Two quick ideas: 1) Tell a friend about Hello Mask/Mask Up! so they can get their own poster/ picture/ sticker and share the message with their community, and 2) Take a picture of your sign on your fridge, apartment lobby, or local store window and post to Instagram @maskupcampaign. Thank you for building Mask Up! momentum and making the world a safer place for all!

Why masks work: